Healthy Food and
Healthy Environment, For all

At Andermatt Madumbi,
we’re changing the way
that food is grown.

At Andermatt Madumbi, we’re changing the way that food is grown.

Andermatt Madumbi aims to change the way food is grown.

‘Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all’, underpins our purpose and is inspired by the knowledge that ‘Nature leads innovation’.

As global leaders, our integrated solutions for soil health, plant vitality and biorational pest control, are supported in the field through our local team of biological experts.

Andermatt Madumbi are committed to maximising economic returns and environmental sustainability for future focused growers.

Join us on this journey.

Why Andermatt Madumbi?

Under the leadership of people who care about the environment, we deliver bio-rational solutions that work with nature to maximise crop production. We believe in providing healthy, nutrient-dense, residue-free food for our nation and the world – and making sustainable farming systems a reality for all farmers, growers and consumers. With a team of experts across the globe, and through expert technical guidance and application support for growers in the field, we are a proud market leader in sustainable agriculture. We partner with top local and international manufacturers to bring you the best the world has to offer in Sustainable Agricultural Solutions. Together with an established network of agricultural retailers and distributors, our team helps to ensure that best practices are transferred through agents to our customers.





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