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Background: Understanding Tomatoes

Tomatoes are botanically defined as fruits because they form from a flower and contain seeds. They are however most often utilized as a vegetable and are used in various ways, from being consumed ripe, used in cooking, processed as sauces, powders, soups or canned.

Several hundred varieties are grown and, in South Africa, tomato production exceeds that of all other vegetables, apart from potatoes, and contributes approximately 24% of total vegetable production.

Locally tomatoes are not only grown commercially, but also by subsistence farmers and home gardeners. Tomatoes are produced in all South African Provinces. Limpopo is the major production area with 3590 ha (northern Lowveld accounting for 2700 ha and the far northern areas of Limpopo 890 ha). The other main producing areas are the Overberg area of Mpumalanga Province and the Border area of the Eastern Cape Province.

Most South African producers cultivate tomatoes in open fields. Production is limited during the winter months as tomatoes can only be grown in frost-free areas or under protection.

As with all crop production, consumers are driving the change to healthy, sustainable crop production. Growers are under pressure to comply with certification, ensuring standards and demands are being met.

Part 2: Andermatt Madumbi and tomato production

Andermatt Madumbi offers a comprehensive range of biorational solutions to support tomato growers. A healthy root system is the foundation of a healthy plant, healthy plants are more resilient to environmental stress factors and better equipped to fight off pests and diseases.

Incorporating biofungicides and bioinsecticides into IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs offers many benefits:

  • Effective, safe pest/disease control which can be alternated with chemical applications.
  • Safeguard resistance management.
  • Pest/disease control that is safe to use right up until harvesting.
  • Safe for use in areas where beneficial insects have been introduced. 
  • Strong, healthy plants produce high quality crops with enhanced shelf-life.

Some additional reading:

If you are a new grower, considering tomatoes as a crop option, we highly recommend reading this informative article from vegetable specialist and grower, Bill Kerr, published in the Farmer’s Weekly 25 July 2022. https://www.farmersweekly.co.za/crops/vegetables/read-this-before-growing-tomatoes/ 

**Reference: Bozo, T.T.; Mpambani, B.; Mbenga, A.; Mhlontlo, S. (2019) Comparative Studies On Yield And Quality Response Of Soil and Soilless Grown Tomatoes: The Case Study of Masiphathisane Community Project And Bathurst Experimental Farm. South African Journal of Agricultural Extension Vol. 47:4. 


Root Health

Soil and root health are essential for the production of healthy food. The resulting plants are stronger, exhibiting increased pest and disease resistance.

The Andermatt Madumbi Root Health program combines beneficial microbes with nutritional support. These 4 products are applied in combination at planting to enhance root growth ensuring your plants have the best possible start.

Andermatt Madumbi products to support root health in tomatoes:

Plant Vitality
The Andermatt Madumbi plant vitality range consists of key plant nutrition supplements and biostimulants containing natural plant growth stimulants. Biostimulants improve the overall health of the crop, improve stress tolerance, support and stimulate various stages of plant growth.

Andermatt Madumbi products to support plant vitality in tomatoes:

Andermatt Madumbi’s V12 range provides tailored nutrient support based on the 12 essential components of plant vitality, ie. the engine that drives plant growth.

V12 Range

Andermatt Madumbi’s V12 range provides tailored nutrient support based on the 12 essential components of plant vitality, ie. the engine that drives plant growth.

Bio Crop Protection

Our Bio Crop Protection Range consists of disease and pest management solutions with active ingredients that include fungi, bacteria, baculoviruses and plant extracts.

The following Andermatt Madumbi Bio Crop Protection solutions are registered for use on tomatoes: