The Andermatt Madumbi story

Andermatt Madumbi sees two organisations with a shared belief joining forces for a better future.

Madumbi’s journey began in 2005 when our founders Andre Fox and Patrick Deal partnered Timbavati Game Reserve to assist local Shangaan communities as they attempted to create a protected elephant corridor. Their goal was to achieve this through sustainable agriculture. It was through a gift of locally grown potatoes known as madumbes that Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture was born on completion of this project.

Founded in 1988 by Martin and Isabel Andermatt in their student apartment, Andermatt Biocontrol is now a global leader in the BioControl industry. From their humble accommodation, they obtained the first approval in the world for the application of a granulovirus in food production. Their expertise in providing biological alternatives to chemical pesticides through innovative viral technology, beneficial insects and microbial control products is unmatched.

Andermatt Madumbi is the natural evolution of Madumbi’s humble origins. Fuelled by the understanding that nature leads innovation, under the leadership of people who care about the environment, two like-minded organisations are sharing knowledge for a better future.

In moving forward, we bring together the precision of the Swiss clock to the heartbeat of the African Drum.

This is Andermatt Madumbi.

Why Andermatt Madumbi?

Under the leadership of people who care about the environment, we deliver bio-rational solutions that work with nature to maximise crop production. We believe in providing healthy, nutrient-dense, residue-free food for our nation and the world – and making sustainable farming systems a reality for all farmers, growers and consumers. With a team of experts across the globe, and through expert technical guidance and application support for growers in the field, we are a proud market leader in sustainable agriculture.

We partner with top local and international manufacturers to bring you the best the world has to offer in Sustainable Agricultural Solutions. Together with an established network of agricultural retailers and distributors, our team helps to ensure that best practices are transferred through agents to our customers.

Our Vision

To drive sustainable growing solutions for future generations.

Our Mission

  • To make a positive difference to Andermatt Madumbi’s customers, the environment and the sustainable future of the industries in which we operate, by supporting a range of biorational products.
  • With our global experience, to only supply solutions which have been scientifically researched, tested and registered locally, as well as compatible with Mother Nature and integrated with agricultural practices.
  • To lead technical application strategies in the industry.
  • To employ suitably qualified and technically experienced personnel and ensure their well-being and development.
  • To generate profit allowing for investment into further research and development of bio-rational solutions.

Our Values


Is our moral compass

To honour and be true to ourselves, our colleagues, our business partners and the environment… Growing and maintaining our relationships within the principles of fairness, sincerity, honesty, loyalty and trust.


Is our driver

To be the force behind sustainable agriculture to enable wholesome lifestyle choices. To fuel our fire in making a global difference.


Is our vehicle

To bring ideas and solutions which give a competitive edge to our customers.


Is our destination

To define what we do and how we do it. To surpass the ordinary and achieve greatness in all aspects of our business.

INNOVATION, we will achieve EXCELLENCE in all aspects of our business.

Through INTEGRITY, PASSION AND INNOVATION, we will achieve EXCELLENCE in all aspects of our business.

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