FytoSave ® / Fyto-11 ®

Preventative biofungicide for stimulation of plant defences against Powdery mildew on cucurbits, and Powdery and Downy mildew on Table grapes.

✓ New and novel mode of action
✓ Natural Plant Defence Inducer via COS-OGA (Chito-oligosaccharides plus Oligo-galacturonic acid)
✓ Easily integrated in an IPM program, alone, in rotation or in a tank mix

Product Specifications
Registration Details
Reg No. L10052, L10054, Act 36 of 1947

Active ingredient
Chito-oligosaccharides and Oligo-galacturonic acid complex (COS-OGA Oligosaccharide complex)

Powdery & Downy mildew

Cucurbits, table grapes

12.5 g/L

Formulation Type
Soluble liquid

Standard Dosage
3 L/ha