Eco-Bb ®

Beauveria bassiana, a fungal inoculant for the control of whitefly on cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and brinjals; control of Tuta absoluta on tomatoes; leafminer on potatoes; false codling moth on avocado, litchi, citrus, stone fruit, tree nuts, table grapes and pomegranates; mealybug on pome fruit, citrus and grapes; woolly whitefly on citrus; and red spider mite on stone fruit, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and brinjals.

✓ Broad host range
✓ Effective against all life stages
✓ Unique formulation for enhanced efficacy

Product Specifications

Registration Details
Reg No. L 8469, Act 36 of 1947

Active ingredient
Beauveria bassiana strain R444

Whitefly, Red spider mite, Tuta absoluta, Leafminer, False codling moth, Woolly whitefly, Mealybug

Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, brinjals, potatoes, orchard crops

2 x 109 spores per gram

Formulation Type
Wettable powder

Standard dosage
300 – 1 kg/ha