Eco-Bb ®

Beauveria bassiana, a fungal inoculant for the control of whitefly on cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and brinjals; control of Tuta absoluta on tomatoes; leafminer on potatoes; false codling moth on avocado, litchi, citrus, stone fruit, tree nuts, table grapes and pomegranates; mealybug on pome fruit, citrus and grapes; woolly whitefly on citrus; and red spider mite on stone fruit, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and brinjals.

✓ Broad host range
✓ Effective against all life stages
✓ Unique formulation for enhanced efficacy

Product Specifications
Registration Details
Reg No. L 8469, Act 36 of 1947

Active ingredient
Beauveria bassiana strain R444

Whitefly, Red spider mite, Tuta absoluta, Leafminer, False codling moth, Woolly whitefly, Mealybug

Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, brinjals, potatoes, orchard crops, avocados, strawberries, Cape gooseberries

2 x 109 spores per gram

Formulation Type
Wettable powder

Standard dosage
300 – 1 kg/ha