Cryptex ®

A granulovirus suspension concentrate formulation for the biological reduction of False Codling Moth larvae (FCM) Cryptophlebia leucotreta on avocado, citrus, pomegranates, persimmons, tree nuts, stone fruit and table grapes.

✓ Highly effective
✓ Host specific – will not affect any beneficial organisms and is harmless to bees
✓ Unique mode of action; ideal for IPM programs and as a resistance management tool

Product Specifications

Registration Details
Reg No. L 8037, Act 36 of 1947

Active ingredient
Cryptophlebia leucotreta Granulovirus

False Codling Moth larvae

Wide crop range

2 x 1010 occlusion bodies per L

Formulation Type
Soluble liquid

Standard Dosage
3.3 ml/100 L