Andermatt and Novonesis join hands to launch Cell-Tech® for soy farmers in Africa.

Andermatt and Novonesis join hands to launch Cell-Tech® for soy farmers in Africa.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a long relationship to bring in cutting edge biological solutions for farmers in Africa and promote sustainable agriculture.

Johannesburg, 8 May 2024: Novonesis, a world leader in biological solutions, has today announced a landmark distribution agreement with the Andermatt Group, recognized as market leaders in the distribution and manufacture of quality biological solutions. This partnership will enable farmers across Southern and Eastern Africa to get access to Novonesis’s soybean inoculant, Cell-Tech®, for the 2024-2025 planting season.

Cell-Tech® Technology contains specially selected rhizobia that can provide highly effective nodulation to enhance nitrogen fixation, increasing yield potential as planting conditions change. Cell-Tech® has a four-day on-seed guarantee when applied with most common chemical seed treatments and is supplied in convenient liquid formulation for on-farm application.

“The introduction of Cell-Tech® through this partnership is a significant step towards bringing biological solutions in agricultural inputs in Africa. Novonesis and Andermatt’s mutual commitment to sustainable farming and economic upliftment paves the way for a rapid increase in the use of biologicals across Africa, aiding in the achievement of the continent’s food security objectives.”, said Mr Krishna Mohan Puvvada, Regional President, Middle East, India and Africa at Novonesis.

“This strategic alliance will address critical challenges faced by African agriculture, such as climate change, soil health degradation, and the need for modern farming practices. By integrating biologicals into farming systems, Novonesis and Andermatt Africa are at the forefront of improving productivity and contributing significantly to the continent’s food security objectives” added Andre Fox, Director Business Development for Andermatt in South-East Africa.

The partnership will benefit from the expertise of both the companies – Andermatt’s strong farmer connects, wide distribution and agriculture expertise and Novonesis’ scientific heritage and dynamic portfolio of biological solutions. Through this partnership, Andermatt and Novonesis plan to bring in more advanced biological solutions that promote sustainable agriculture and enhance farmer income.

The Andermatt Group, with established legal entities in South Africa, Mozambique, and Kenya, extends its reach to several other African nations, including Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This extensive network aligns with Andermatt’s commitment to nurturing the continent through sustainable food production and bolstering local economies by exporting high- quality, residue-free produce.

About Novonesis

Novonesis is a global company leading the era of biosolutions.

By leveraging the power of microbiology with science, we transform the way the world produces, consumes and lives. In more than 30 industries, our biosolutions are already creating value for thousands of customers and benefiting the planet. Our 10,000 people worldwide work closely with our partners and customers to transform business with biology.

About Andermatt Group AG

The Andermatt Group has a proven track record of biological excellence for over 35 years and has established itself as a global frontrunner in biological innovations for crop production, home & garden, bee health, and pest control. With nine specialized manufacturing facilities and 23 subsidiary distribution firms spanning four continents, Andermatt leads the way in providing cutting-edge biological solutions.
Our collaboration with Novonesis expands the existing biological portfolio available to African growers and aligns with our vision to deliver on ‘Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all’.

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