Reimagining ROl. Innovation, Intelligence and Investment in the field.

Return on Investment (ROl), a concept borrowed from the financial sector, is frequently discussed in the realm of biological solutions and their implementation. However, what is the ROl when utilising biological products in growing programs across a diverse range of crops?
I hold the belief that that ROl represents a fusion and dynamic interplay of three elements. The return on intelligence which leads to the return on innovation which leads to the return on investment.

In other words, the success of biological solutions relies on innovative scientific technology, to support sustainable farming practices and build crop resilience within climate challenges.

This new technology is the required foundation for a positive return on innovation. Innovation is critical to the success of managing both food safety and food security. We need to alter our practices throughout the supply chain to move forward and provide “healthy food and a healthy environment, for all”. Commercialisation of quality and robust biological solutions with consistent performance is key.

For the farmers (who are the only customers in the supply chain with an interest in increased crop and produce prices), we need solutions aligned to cost-effective farming practices but rooted in science.

To positively shift the needle in the acceptance of biologicals, we need to integrate all three components. Only then will a positive and sustainable return on investment be achieved, for all.

Andermatt Madumbi, CEO,
Michelle Lesur