Eco-T® is a highly concentrated formulation of Trichoderma asperellum registered for the control of crop root diseases and enhanced growth.

  • Eco-T® works against a wide range of fungal soil pathogens and is an ideal ‘insurance policy’ against root diseases
  • Larger, healthier root systems are better able to access water and nutrients from soil, resulting in better growth of plants, especially under sub-optimal conditions (e.g. drought stress, soil nutrient imbalances, etc.).
  • Eco-T® actively grows and colonizes plant roots. As a result, it is more persistent in the root zone than many chemical options.
  • Eco-T® works well in IPM programs with chemicals. Chemical treatment (curative) followed by Eco-T® treatment (preventative) ensures new roots are colonised and protected after chemical treatment.
  • Eco-T® is a safe, residue free product with no MRL constraints.
RhizoVital® 42 is a concentrated liquid formulation of the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain FZB42, produced by Bacillus specialists ABiTEP (Germany).

  • Once established in the root zone, RhizoVital® 42 supports optimal root growth as well as nutrient availability and uptake.
  • RhizoVital® 42 works in synergy with Eco-T®. Not all Bacillus spp. and Trichoderma spp. are compatible.
  • At 2.5×1010 spores/ml, RhizoVital® 42 more concentrated than most competing products in SA.

Better rooting in potted strawberry plants treated with Eco-T® and RhizoVital® 42 (as shown on the left).


  • Eco-T® should be applied at planting or at the start of Spring. Top-up applications should be applied during the season to coincide with seasonal root flushes.
  • RhizoVital® 42 should be applied approximately 2-4 days after the first Eco-T® application, if possible.
  • Products can be drenched into planting holes, applied through irrigation (micro or drip) or sprayed onto ground and irrigated in (micros only)
  • For more details on application rates, etc. refer to the individual product labels.