Madumbi Kenya is a subsidiary of the Andermatt Group based in Naivasha, Kenya offering Microbials, Macrobials and Biostimulants for sustainable farming of all crops. 

The Madumbi Kenya offices are located on the same grounds as Oserian, Africa’s largest rose producer on the south shores of Lake Naivasha, Nakuru County.

A nutrition garden has been set up for the production of local vegetables such as cabbage, kale, black nightshade, carrots, potatoes and coriander. Irish potatoes and pumpkins are included and used as cover crops. 

The purpose of the nutrition garden is to sell fresh, healthy produce to Oserian employees at subsidised and affordable prices. This garden was previously managed and overseen by Oserian, using conventional crop inputs. 

The Madumbi Kenya team has taken it upon themselves to supply biological inputs and oversee the production of the garden. They have recognised their responsibility for ensuring and delivering healthy, sustainable food.

The vision of the Madumbi Kenya team is ‘To make a positive difference to customers, the environment and the sustainable future of the agricultural industry by supporting a range of biorational products that are ‘Backed by Science, Loved by Nature.’ 

The Madumbi Kenya team sees great value in this project. Not only with the contribution to the production of healthy food, but their presence in the garden also impacts on the Oserian workers facilitating product and knowledge transfer.

The garden is also used as a demonstration area for small scale farmers for training and advising on product application and usage.