As part of our commitment to ensuring South African growers have access to affordable, reliable biological solutions – we are delighted to announce that Andermatt Madumbi’s EcoBuz product range is now incorporated on the Andermatt Madumbi website and online shop.

Andermatt Madumbi is committed to providing safe, reliable bio products at affordable prices. We recognise that our unique, living solutions require specialised storage and logistics. By bringing this service in-house, our team is better able to ensure you have the best quality product to maximise efficacy and results. This is an important step forward in our growth as a business.

Growing with you, the transition to the online shop gives growers access to the full Andermatt Madumbi product range.

The environmentally, and user-friendly EcoBuz website remains active. When shopping, however, you will automatically be redirected to the Andermatt Madumbi platform.

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