nisBOERE Interview
In discussion with Wilma Mac Pherson – Technical Portfolio Manager

  1. In a nutshell, please tell us who is Andermatt Madumbi

    Andermatt Madumbi is passionate about people and the environment. We want to help every person have access to healthy, wholesome food and a healthy environment. We do this through scientifically substantiated biorational (Biorational is derived from the two words biological and rational, referring to pesticides of natural origin that have limited or no adverse effects on the environment or beneficial organisms. ) bringing solutions to the market. In a nutshell, we are a purely biologically focused company that has been developing, registering and marketing products for large and small scale horticulture, forestry, nurseries and the home garden for the past 18 years.

    Andermatt Madumbi is part of a multinational group of companies under the banner of Andermatt Global. For the Andermatt group, it all started 33 years ago when Drs Martin and Isabel Andermatt in Switzerland developed viruses against insect pests – using nature’s own keeping mechanisms in check to achieve food security for us. They were joined by several companies, including Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture, as we were known in South Africa before our brand changed. The group currently consists of 25 subsidiary companies that have a countervailing presence in almost every continent. Out of this group, there are 9 companies that develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality biological products. There are quite a few companies in Europe that are focusing on the home and garden market to make our dream of healthy food and a healthy environment a reality for everyone and are active in 10 different countries. Bees are also of interest to us and we are involved in 8 countries regarding health – but crop protection still makes up the bulk of our group’s business.

  2. Andermatt Madumbi works with nature to help develop market-leading biological solutions – Tell us about this?

    Nature is our greatest teacher. I believe that for every problem there is a solution in nature. For many years, researchers have focused on making nature’s solutions useful against pests and pests. We speak of biological control when we use one organism to control or kill another. For us to successfully harness these organisms, we need to know all about the biological control organism, the target pest or pathogen, and the crop or plant attacked by the pest or pathogen. We also need to know what environmental conditions are essential for the biological control organism to be effective. This is where Andermatt Madumbi plays a critical role. We do not only focus on developing the product, but on conveying information regarding the product in such a way that makes these products work on every farmer’s farm. These products are significantly more complicated than conventional plant protection products. To use them successfully, sometimes take a mind shift on the farmer’s side. For example, biological solutions do not always have an immediate knock-out action on insects and it is important to make sure the farmer understands what to expect after applications.

  1. Andermatt Madumbi helps solve some of the most pressing questions in the modern agricultural environment, such as food safety and food security – Can you share more about this?

    Andermatt Madumbi has a business development platform consisting of two sections. Firstly, the commercial side – this is where our bio-specialists move into the field and bring our solutions to market. Secondly, there is the Product Portfolio Management side. This part of the business develops our new product for our pipeline, we select and select products before we then transition and tackle all the registration and further development. Our aim is to bring effective, well-researched products to market that help with resistance management, and also to keep the chemical plant protection solutions currently available to our farmers for as long as possible.

    Our farmers don’t have it easy. Exports make up a large portion of our farmers’ business. With the big drive towards healthier, low or no residue food we allow export markets less and less traditionally chemical plant protection products on the fruits and vegetables they import. Agriculture is currently losing more active molecules annually than new ones are being developed. And it’s not like the pests and diseases that plague our farmers are diminishing. On the contrary. Now put the competition with other countries for the same market, and you create a very competitive environment. Andermatt Madumbi looked at the total crop solution basket available to the farmer. We strategically look at where these gaps are and will be in the future, and then look for biological solutions to address these gaps. We are looking at the complete integrated pest control programme and working with the existing plant protection solutions to ensure the producer his market access. Biological products are not easy products to work with.

  2. What is Andermatt Madumbi’s best-selling product/s?

    We currently have three products competing for the best-selling price. First, it’s Cryptex. Cryptex is developed and is manufactured by Andermatt Biocontrol, the company that Martin and Isabel Andermatt started. This is a South African Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus specific to false codling moths. Cryptex has been in the market for over 13 years now. This is a very effective FCM population control drug.

    Our sister company, Andermatt PHP,’s product Eco-Bb is our second bestseller candidate. Andermatt PHP develops and manufactures fungus-based biological products. Eco-Bb consists of a local isolate of Beauveria bassiana, a fungus that attacks and kills a wide range of insects. It is an exceptional formulation that easily goes into a tank mix and can be applied with various products.

    We will be looking for our solutions worldwide to the problems we face in South Africa. We work closely with quite a few strategic partners outside the Andermatt Global group. One of these partners is Certis Biologicals. Our third best-selling candidate is Double Nickel 55 or also known as Amylo-X. It consists of a bacterium, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, which colonizes plant supreme flaps very well and attacks pathogens and outcompetes. This is particularly effective on above-ground plant parts where UV can affect many other biological control agents.

  3. Also What area does Andermatt Madumbi provide

    We distribute through strategic partners throughout South Africa. We have bio-specialists who assist our distributors to successfully use the solutions in their area.

  4. What makes Andermatt Madumbi different?
    What makes us different is that we really focus on how quality, well-researched products that seem to us directly draw to its consistent effectiveness in the field. But I also think our passion for people makes us unique. We are a big family at Andermatt Madumbi and we really want to help our farmers on this path. Biological products have a very bad name in the field because of snake venom vendors or Buddah dust, as some also call it. Because it is made up of microorganisms, many think it is easy to grow them up in your backyard and then use them. For disease and insect control biological agents this is precisely not the case. We want to make sure we only apply the specific organism at high enough amounts to be able to suppress the plague or disease.

  1. Any advice for emerging farmers?
    Advice for our emerging farmers – Do your homework. Make sure that the products you use are registered, backed by science and well supported by your supplier and manufacturer.

In our field, the smallest players are the biggest heroes

Onderhoud met nisBOERE
In gesprek met Wilma Mac Pherson

  1. In ‘n neutedop, vertel ons asseblief wie is Andermatt Madumbi

    Andermatt Madumbi is passievol oor mense en die omgewing. Ons wil help dat elke mens toegang het tot gesonde, heilsame voedsel en ʼn gesonde omgewing. Ons doen dit deur wetenskaplik gestaafde biorasionele* oplossings mark toe te bring. In ʼn neutedop is ons ʼn suiwer biologies gefokusde maatskappy wat al vir die afgelope 18 jaar produkte vir groot en kleinskaalse tuinbou, bosbou, kwekerye en ook die huis tuin ontwikkel, registreer en bemark.
    *Biorasioneel is afgelei van die twee woorde biologies en rasioneel, met verwysing na plaagdoders van natuurlike oorsprong wat beperkte of geen nadelige uitwerking op die omgewing of voordelige organismes het nie.

  2. Jy werk saam met die natuur om markleidende biologiese oplossings te help ontwikkel – Vertel ons hiervan?

    Die natuur is ons grootste leermeester. Ek glo dat daar vir elke probleem ʼn oplossing in die natuur is.

    Vir baie jare het navorsers gefokus om die natuur se oplossings bruikbaar te maak teen peste en plae. Ons praat van biologiese beheer wanneer ons een organisme gebruik om ʼn ander te beheer weg te jaag of dood te maak. Vir ons om hierdie organismes suksesvol in te span, moet ons als weet van die biologiese beheer organisme, die teiken pes of patogeen, en ook die gewas of plant wat deur die pes of patogeen aangeval word. Ons moet ook weet watter omgewingstoestande noodsaaklik is vir die biologiese beheer organisme om effektief te wees.

    Dit is waar Andermatt Madumbi ʼn kritiese rol speel. Ons fokus nie net daarop om die produk te ontwikkel nie, maar juis daarop om inligting rakende die produk so oor te dra dat hierdie produkte op elke boer se plaas te laat werk. Hierdie produkte is aansienlik meer gekompliseerd as konvensionele gewasbeskermingsprodukte. Om hulle suksesvol te gebruik, neem soms ʼn kopskuif aan die boer se kant. Biologiese oplossings het byvoorbeeld nie altyd ʼn onmiddellike uitklop aksie op insekte nie en dit is belangrik om seker te maak die boer verstaan wat om te verwag na toedienings.

  1. Jy help om van die mees dringende vrae in die moderne landbou-omgewing op te los, soos voedselveiligheid en voedselsekerheid – Kan jy meer hieroor deel?

    Ons boere het dit nie maklik nie. Uitvoere maak ʼn groot gedeelte van ons boere se besigheid uit. Met die groot dryf na gesonder, lae of geen residu voedsel laat ons uitvoer markte laat al hoe minder tradisioneel chemiese gewasbeskermingsprodukte op die vrugte en groente wat hul invoer, toe. Landbou verloor tans jaarliks meer aktiewe molekules as wat daar nuwes ontwikkel word. En dit is nie asof die peste en siektes wat ons boere teister minder word nie. Inteendeel! Sit nou nog die kompetisie met ander lande vir dieselfde mark, en jy skep ʼn baie kompeterende omgewing.

    Andermatt Madumbi kyk na die totale gewas oplossing mandjie wat vir die boer beskikbaar is. Ons kyk strategies na waar hierdie leemtes is en in die toekoms gaan wees, en gaan soek dan biologiese oplossings om hierdie leemtes aan te spreek. Ons kyk na die volledige geïntegreerde pesbeheer program en werk saam met die bestaande gewasbeskermingsoplossings, om vir die produsent sy marktoegang te kan verseker.

  2. Wat is jou topverkoperproduk/s?

    Ons het tans drie produkte wat kompeteer vir die topverkoper prys: Cryptex®, Eco-Bb® en Double Nickel® 55.

    Cryptex® is ontwikkel en word vervaardig deur Andermatt Biocontrol, die maatskappy wat Martin en Isabel Andermatt begin het. Dit is ʼn Suid Afrikaanse Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus spesifiek vir vals kodlingmot. Cryptex® is nou al vir meer as 13 jaar in die mark. Dit is ʼn baie effektiewe VKM populasie beheer middel.

    Ons sustermaatskappy, Andermatt PHP, se produk Eco-Bb® is ons tweede kandidaat vir topverkoper. Andermatt PHP ontwikkel en vervaardig swam-gebaseerde biologiese produkte. Eco-Bb® bestaan uit ʼn plaaslike isolaat van Beauveria bassiana, ʼn swam wat ʼn wye reeks insekte aanval en doodmaak. Dit is ʼn besonderse formulasie wat maklik in ʼn tenkmengsel ingaan en saam met verskeie produkte toegedien kan word.

    Double Nickel® 55 (ook bekend as Amylo-X®) is ons derde grootste verkoper. Een van die voordele om deel te wees van ʼn globale groep, is om toegang tot strategiese vennote buite die Andermatt Global groep te hê. Een van hierdie vennote is Certis Biologicals. Double Nickel® 55 (Amylo-X®) bestaan uit ʼn bakterie, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, wat plant oppervlaktes baie goed koloniseer en patogene aanval en uitkompeteer. Dit is veral effektief op bogrondse plantdele waar UV baie ander biologiese beheer agente kan affekteer.

  3. Waar is Andermatt Madumbi produkte beskikbaar?

    Ons versprei deur strategiese vennote dwarsdeur die hele Suid Afrika. Ons het Biospesialiste wat ons verspreiders bystaan om die oplossings in hulle area suksesvol te gebruik.

  4. Wat maak Andermatt Madumbi anders?Ek glo dat dit wat ons anders maak is dat ons werklik fokus op hoë gehalte, goed nagevorste produkte wat vir ons ʼn direkte lyk trek na sy konstante effektiwiteit in die veld.Maar ek dink ook ons passie vir mense maak ons uniek. Ons is ʼn groot familie by Andermatt Madumbi en ons wil werklik ons boere help op hierdie pad.Biologiese produkte het ʼn baie slegte naam in die veld weens slanggif verkopers of “Buddah dust”, soos sommiges dit ook noem. Omdat dit uit mikroörganismes bestaan dink baie dat dit maklik is om dit in jou agterplaas op te kweek en dit dan te gebruik. Vir siekte- en insekbeheer biologiese middels is dit juis nie die geval nie. Ons wil seker maak ons dien slegs die spesifieke organisme toe teen hoog genoeg hoeveelhede om die pes of siekte te kan onderdruk.

  1. Enige raad vir opkomende boere?
    Moenie als glo wat aan jou vertel word nie en doen jou huiswerk.Maak seker dat die produkte wat jy inspan geregistreer is, gerugsteen word deur wetenskap en goed ondersteun word deur jou verskaffer en vervaardiger.Baie sterkte!

In ons wêreld is die kleinste rolspelers die grootste helde