At Andermatt Madumbi we take great pride in our incredible team.

The outstanding performers are recognised annually and since the bicycle features as a keysymbol at Andermatt Madumbi, our awards system is based on the Tour de France Cycle Tour.

We recognise that as a team we are on a journey which will face many uphills and downhills, many curves and many challenges. The goal is to cross the finish line as a unit. This often necessitates changing gears, fixing punctures and adjusting the pace of one to support, encourage and strengthen another. At all times, we need to be cognisant of those we are riding with.

We are proud to share and recognise the 2021 Jersey Award recipients:

WHITE JERSEY – Wilma Mac Pherson 
Leading Supporter’s Award
The White Jersey is awarded to the team member who over the last season has played a significant role in helping another team member or platform achieve their objectives at Andermatt Madumbi. Support is a verb which means ‘to bear all or part of the weight of; hold up; give assistance to’.


POLKA DOT JERSEY – Thergan Naidoo & Sune Joubert
Leading Grit Award
The Polka Dot Jersey is awarded to the team member who has overcome the biggest challenge in their position and/or the deliverables of, or an aspect of, their professional responsibilities.


Growing Excellence Award
The Growing Excellence Jersey is awarded to a team member who displays a commitment to continuous learning and personal development for the success not only of their position at Andermatt Madumbi but for the company as a whole. They strive to learn how to “lead from where they stand” working on both their front and back wheels to ensure they are balanced and effective. As our values mandate, excellence is our destination. This award recognises the team member who is on a committed journey to continuous improvement with this destination in their sights. They continually display attributes of “Growing Excellence”.


Leading Excellence Award
The Red Jersey is awarded to the team member who displays the attributes which underpin Andermatt Madumbi’s company culture
of Integrity, Passion, Innovation and Excellence in all endeavours as well as an attitude of ‘’Lead from where I stand’’.


YELLOW JERSEY – Helgard van Rooyen
Maillot Jaune 2021

The Yellow Jersey is awarded to the best performing salesperson for the season.

The criteria for this award is based on an internal formula based on turnover, gross profit, turnover/cost index and scorecard, growth on previous year as well as the sales budget.


QUANTUM JERSEY – Business Operations Team
Leading Quantum Culture (Platform Award)
The Quantum Jersey is awarded to the platform honouring the criteria of our Quantum Culture. As a platform this team does not work in a silo. They have a common purpose and execute on both the company’s strategic goals and their specific platform’s deliverables as a cohesive unit. They are stable and dynamic, resilient and agile, possessing both grit and gravitas. Together they navigate change, focusing
on contributing and not contaminating, finding solutions for both complicated and complex issues. They see people as people and ensure effective and efficient processes and procedures. They have an outward mindset and continuously influence team performance to drive positive change and continuous improvement.