With the significant growth in the biological market, current adoption and implementation of biorational solutions, industry leaders, Andermatt Madumbi and Bancella join forces to partner in the marketing and distribution of future focused and sustainable solutions.

Andermatt Madumbi will, in collaboration with Bancella, develop and distribute a significant number of biological solutions within the South African market.

“This is a joint undertaking to improve and extend access to products that will enhance the profitability and efficiency of our growers, while also furthering Andermatt Madumbi’s commitment to ensuring quality solutions not only for a successful future for South African agriculture, but also for a healthy environment for all.

Andermatt Madumbi is a uniquely positioned company, supported by some of the greatest thought leaders around the world, committed to developing innovative solutions. Collaborating with partners like Bancella, we are able to expand our portfolio, continuing to offer effective biological solutions of integrity to ALL our growers.” – Michelle Lesur, CEO

“At Bancella we see our role as bringing trusted, sustainable, and profitable innovations to our customers and embed this as the ethos of our business. To this end, it makes total sense for us to partner with Andermatt Madumbi which is a like-minded technology provider to serve value driven agricultural markets. We are delighted to bring to the South African food producers our aggregation of biological technologies.” – John BARNES, Executive Chairman

Both companies are optimistic to join forces, collaborate and execute on the vision of ‘Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all’.

About Bancella

Founded in 2016, Bancella is a fast growing group aggregating novel agricultural inputs for Africa Middle East. With its strong base in Southern Africa, currently expanding across the whole territory, Bancella develops bespoke portfolio of future proof solutions in crop protection, bio solutions, crop stimulation and seeds with its distribution partners. To its solution and portfolio partners, Bancella offers a one stop shop solution for a broad penetration in the fragmented markets of Africa and the Middle East.