“In South Africa, biological solutions are used in a variety of applications including orchard crops, vegetables, ornamentals, row crops and many more.”
– Sias Leipoldt

European consumers have led the charge towards chemical-free food that reduces the emissions responsible for climate change. Although export-oriented farmers are more vulnerable to the whims of these consumers, the quest for healthy food for a healthy planet is taking shape in a broader sense worldwide.

IPM includes the integrated use of insect traps, pheromones, predators and parasitoids, microbial products, plant extracts and “softer” synthetic chemical pesticides to manage pests and diseases. Equally important is adopting the principles of precision farming, where the decision to apply agricultural products is based on data analysis from scouting and monitoring crops. Applying products when it is needed has been proven to be more sustainable and effective compared to traditional calendar-based applications.