Eco-T Ezi-Flo® is an excellent ‘all-round’ solution and I view it as a ‘safety net’ ideally suited for use at the start of the growing season.  Eco-T Ezi-Flo®’s true colors are most significant in years when environmental conditions are less favorable for optimal yields.  It’s like an insurance policy that supports plants to function optimally during difficult conditions.

One of Eco-T Ezi-Flo’s® key advantages is its ease of use. The fact that it can simply be added as a dry powder to seed at planting makes it an easy, risk-free addition to the standard planting process. As a result, the spores of the active ingredient (beneficial fungus, Trichoderma asperellum) are not exposed to environmental conditions that may be unfavorable for their survival. This means the spores are viable and ready to germinate alongside the seed, as soon as the necessary climatic conditions prevail. The unique talc and graphite formulation ensures that Eco-T Ezi-Flo® mixes well and attaches to the seed, and also facilitates the planting process by serving as a lubricant.

Eco-T Ezi-Flo®’s compatibility with other chemical seed treatments is also excellent and is suitable for combining with other initial nutrient applications.

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® stimulates early root growth in row crops, supporting earlier, enhanced seedling emergence that results in stronger and healthier plants. 

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® is also one of the few Trichoderma-containing products that has an L-number registration allowing it to be used for disease management.  When applied correctly, Eco-T Ezi-Flo® effectively manages and protects plant roots from diseases caused by Sclerotinia, Phytophthora and Fusarium species among others.

Investing in the enhanced root growth of your crop, with a quality biostimulant and pathogen suppressing product such as Eco-T Ezi-Flo®, is not only beneficial for this season, but also for future seasons. 

It’s a privilege for me to offer my growers solutions that are ‘Backed by Science and Loved by Nature’. Especially when the results speak for themselves at the end of the season.


Helgard van Rooyen is an Andermatt Madumbi Biospecialist, based in Paarl, Western Cape. Helgard supports a wide range of growers in the Western and Northern Cape regions. For more info contact

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® contains Trichoderma asperellum. Reg. No. L9276, Act No. 36 of 1947. Andermatt PHP (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 207, Nottingham Road, 3280. Reg. No. 2003/007987/07.

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® is ‘n lekker ‘all-rounder’ en ek sien dit amper as ‘n vangnet wat mens toedien aan die begin van die seisoen. Sy ware kleure kom juis te voorskyn in jare wat omgewingstoestande minder gunstig is vir optimale opbrengste. Dit is soos  ʼn versekeringspolis om jou plant tydens moeilike toestande optimaal te help funksioneer. 

Wat vir my uitstaan is die gemak waarmee ‘n mens met Eco-T Ezi-Flo® werk. Die feit dat ‘n mens dit net so droog oor die saad kan gooi voor plant verseker ook dat die spore nie blootgestel word aan omgewingstoestande wat ongunstig kan wees vir die Trichoderma se oorlewing nie. Dit is vars as die saad geplant word. Die talk en grafiet formulasie verseker ook dat die produk goed deur meng en lekker aan die saad klou, en dit vergemaklik ook die plant proses deur te dien as ‘n smeermiddel.

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® se verenigbaarheid met ander chemiese saadbehandelings is ook uitstekend en werk verskriklik goed saam met ander voedingstowwe wat in-voor toegedien word.

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® stimuleer wortel groei in rygewasse wat verseker dat die plante vinniger en sterker opkom en op die einde van die dag ‘n sterker en gesonder plant tot gevolg het. 

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® is ook een van die min Trichoderma-bevattende produkte wat ‘n L-nommer registrasie het vir siekte bestuur. Wanneer dit effektief toegedien word, bestuur en beskerm dit die plant se wortels effektief teen siektes wat veroorsaak word deur Sclerotinia, Phytophthora en Fusarium spesies onder andere.

Siekte bestuur is maar een van die voordele van Eco-T Ezi-Flo® . Hierdie voordelige swam help met die beskikbaarstelling van voedingstowwe en ook ouksien wat ʼn groter wortelstelsel met meer sywortels verseker.  

Om met ʼn kwaliteit biostimulant soos Eco-T Ezi-Flo® in optimale wortel ontwikkeling van jou gewas en ook patogeen onderdrukking te belê, is nie net voordelig vir die huidige seisoen nie, maar ook vir die seisoen wat voorlê.

Dit is vir my ʼn voorreg om vir my produsente oplossings te bied wat  ‘Backed by Science and Loved by Nature’ is, veral wanneer die resultate vir hulself spreek kom oestyd. 


Helgard van Rooyen is ‘n Andermatt Madumbi Biospesialis, gebaseer in Paarl, Wes Kaap. Helgard ondersteun ʼn wye reeks produsente in die Wes en Noord Kaap gebiede. Vir meer inligting, kontak:

Eco-T Ezi-Flo® bevat Trichoderma asperellum, Reg No. L9276, Wet No. 36 of 1947. Andermatt PHP (Pty) Ltd, Posbus 207, Nottingham Road, 3280. Reg. No. 2003/007987/07.