As we go into a new year, we recognise the valuable contribution made by our team, partners and customers. To celebrate our growth, we have made a donation to the ‘Donate a Household Food Garden’ initiative.

Our contribution supports the alleviation of hunger and aims to provide, train and empower a collection of households in the Orange Farm community in Gauteng, to secure their own sustainable food gardens.

Reel Gardening is an Andermatt Madumbi partner and distributor of EcoBuz products, our retail range tailored for use at home and in small gardens. Reel Gardening is committed to real change in communities and has an established, successful track record implementing food gardens. To date they have reached close to 5000 schools and communities, saved 13 millions litres of water and impacted on the lives of 111 000 people.

We are proud to know that our contribution supports their commitment to overseeing the planting, training and maintenance of vegetable gardens. The ‘Donate a Household Food Garden’ contains a compact, easy to use vegetable growing kit that requires an area of 16m2 to feed a family of four, every day of the year, and offers income opportunities to those who have surplus harvest. Four varieties are planted monthly, in an easy rotation that ensures a consistent and varied vegetable supply for 12 months. For more info view here.

Included in this initiative is the Andermatt Madumbi/EcoBuz Root Health program. Over the duration of the next 12 months our team has committed to tracking, supporting and sharing the progress of these community gardens.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that has supported and contributed to our growth and success during 2021. We wish you a joyous and festive season, whilst staying safe and remaining strong and healthy as we venture through the 4th wave.

We remain committed to a Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all, and a prosperous 2022 for us all.


Yours in agriculture,
Team Andermatt Madumbi