Cryptex® is a bioinsecticide manufactured by Andermatt Biocontrol, world renowned virus specialists. Cryptex® contains Cryptophlebia leucotreta Granulovirus and is registered for the suppression of FCM on a wide range of crops.

The use of biological solutions in agriculture is growing steadily. This growth is set to continue as the industry rises to meet the growing consumer and export market demands for high quality fruit with minimal MRL’s. As new biological solutions enter the market to capitalise on this growth, Andermatt Madumbi would like to reinforce why Cryptex® remains the ‘Superior Granulovirus Solution’ for South African growers.

1. Cryptex® virulence is unmatched and verified for every batch produced.
Virus particle concentration, as stated on the product label, does not indicate the virulence of the specific product (virulent and non-virulent particles look the same when counted under a microscope). The only reliable method to measure virulence is via larval bioassays where the efficacy of each batch produced is tested on FCM larvae. Andermatt follows this quality assurance procedure for every batch produced and this is the main reason why Cryptex is consistently effective under commercial conditions. With Cryptex, this is achieved with a lower dose rate per ha and a product that is less concentrated on face value when compared to other CrLeGR products.

2. Superior formulation
Not all products are created equally, production and formulation expertise directly affect product performance. Noteworthy points to be aware of with Cryptex® are:
– UV protection is included in the formulation which is a significant benefit for South African conditions. Cryptex has been successfully used in most citrus and grape producing areas in South Africa with no recommended limitations due to high UV ortemperature conditions.
– The formulation is user friendly, can be tank mixed with most agricultural inputs (keep tank pH between 5 and 8.5), has excellent rain fastness when dried off and does not need additional adjuvants to improve efficacy, UV tolerance or rain fastness.
– Cryptex has excellent storage stability (in a fridge or freezer) and can be used straight from storage.

3. Benefits of Cryptex in an Integrated pest management approach.
Cryptex® is the perfect partner for use in an IPM program.
– Not only does the unique mode of action prevent resistance build-up in the target pest population, but it is also friendly to beneficial insects and has zero effect on these organisms, including pollinators.
– Free from metabolites or any component that could have MRL implications.
– No withholding period or re-entry limitations. Where Cryptex® is applied on its own, fruit can be picked immediately after application.

No single product or action can control a phytosanitary pest and taking an integrated approach to pest management is your best option for passing increasingly stringent controls and protocols.
Integrating Cryptex® into your pest control systems will reduce incidents of FCM, increase final total yield and ultimately result in better profitability.

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