At Madumbi, the bicycle features as a key symbol within our company. We recognise that as a team we are on a journey that will face many uphills and downhills, many curves, and many challenges. The goal is to cross the finish line as a unit. This often necessitates changing gears, fixing punctures, and adjusting the pace of one to support, encourage and strengthen another. At all times, we need to be cognisant of those we are riding with.

We recognise the outstanding performers within our team annually and our awards system is based on the Tour de France Cycle Tour as follows:

Yellow Jersey: Maillot Jaune (Salesperson of the year)
Recipient: Helgard van Roooyen

Red Jersey: Swiss Champion (Recognition of excellence)
Recipient: Sias Leipoldt

White Jersey: Best Support Crew
Recipient: Megan Tarr
Growing Jersey: Growing excellence
Recipient: Cerista Anthony

Polka Dot Jersey: King of the Mountain (Greatest Challenge overcome)
Recipient: For 2020, this jersey was awarded to the entire team in acknowledgment of the individual and collective challenges overcome due to Covid 19

Due to lockdown restrictions, the official announcement was done via a company ‘virtual’ Teams event. The jerseys were then handed over individually, as travel allowed by the CEO Michelle Lesur over the following few weeks. We extend a huge congratulations to our worthy award winners.