The Andermatt Group and Vital Bugs would like to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in Vital Bugs. Vital Bugs is a family-owned business headed up by Stephan Honiball. 

Situated on a small holding on the outskirts of Tzaneen, South Africa, Vital Bugs’s core business is in the rearing and releasing of Macrobial Biocontrol agents in the South African perennial crop industry. 

Andermatt and Vital Bugs will collaborate in R&D, pipeline innovations, sales and marketing. The vision is to enhance the biological product portfolio in established IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programmes and jointly grow the Biocontrol industry in Africa.  

As the inevitable expansion of Biological Control grows in both the macrobial and microbial sectors, Andermatt and Vital Bugs will invest their collective know-how to meet farmers’ and consumers’ demands.

Andermatt and Vital Bugs will go to market under the name Andermatt Vital Bugs, effective from September 2021. The acquisition supports the strategy of the Andermatt Group to provide growers all over the world with expertise and sustainable solutions that produce healthy food in a healthy environment, for all.