As our journey of continuous, sustainable growth continues, the team at Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture is delighted to launch our rebrand as Andermatt Madumbi (Pty) Ltd.

Since joining forces in 2010, Madumbi has been a proud member of the Andermatt Biocontrol group of companies, the Swiss innovators who share our passion for changing the way that food is grown. 

Fuelled by the knowledge that nature leads innovation and with an established reputation of biological excellence, Andermatt Madumbi is the natural evolution of two organisations with a shared vision, partnering for a better future. 

In combining Madumbi’s passion and energy, with the precision and experience of the Andermatt group, we look forward to increasing our footprint and transforming the commercial and retail sectors with biorational products that are backed by science and loved by nature.

Together, we can contribute to a world where sustainable delivery of healthy, nutrient-dense food to all our tables is achievable. 

We are more than just the sum of our parts. This is the precision of the Swiss clock, with the heartbeat of the African Drum. This is Andermatt Madumbi.