Madumbi Support App – CONNECT TO GROW

Biological solutions (and support) made EASY.

The Madumbi ‘Connect to Grow’ App has been developed to support South African growers of all crops on our biological solutions. Solutions that assist growers to build bio-active soils, maximise root and plant health, and provide proven pest management solutions which have minimal impact on the environment – and everyone in it.

‘Connect to Grow’ ensures product information is readily available in the field and on the farm. Product labels, brochures, application guidelines, MSDS, certifications and other supporting documentation is accessible in both English and Afrikaans. Once registered and downloaded, all information is also available offline, in the field at the simple press of a button.

Easy access and contact details of the Madumbi BioSpecialist team has been built into the app as well. This facilitates direct communication, offering quick support to ensure correct product application and allows our team to address queries immediately at the time the support is needed. 

Madumbi ‘Connect to Grow’ is now available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple iStore.