EcoCert is an organic certification body recognised and operating in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world.

Madumbi is proud to announce that our partner, Plant Health Products (PHP) have complied with the requirements to achieve attestations on their beneficial fungal solutions, Eco-T®, Eco-Bb® and Eco-77®. These products may now proudly display the EcoCert logo and accompanying attestation text.

Plant Health Products (Pty) Ltd is widely recognised as a producer of reputable biological solutions that offer low risk alternatives to chemical products. The active ingredients are all well-known species of beneficial fungi with safe inerts that serve as co-formulant ingredients to carry and protect the active ingredient before and after use. 

Due to increasing market demands and the need for a universally recognised certification, the company chose to have its products and facilities formally evaluated against the organic standards for the EU and the USA by EcoCert. 

The products Eco-T®, Eco-77® and Eco-Bb® were evaluated against the NOP (US) standard as well as the EC standards (annexes of the EC regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008). Products Eco-T® and Eco-77® achieved attestations against all standards and Eco-Bb® was found to comply with the requirements for the EU standard. As such, these products may now proudly display the Ecocert logo and accompanying attestation text.

What does this mean for growers?

Organic growers using EcoCert attested products in South Africa will now officially comply with organic farming criteria in terms of pesticide use. This ensures that produce from these farms can be exported to countries demanding organic certification. Local organic sales are also assured. The EcoCert attestation recognises and promotes the environmentally friendly benefits to end-users and consumers of organic produce.