Laeveld AgroChem 2019

LAC Hoedspruit team

LAC Hoedspruit team: Stefan, Fanie and Marinda van Wyk, Paula Hattingh and Wilma Mac Pherson (holding award) from Madumbi

Sharing and recognising our partner success: LAC Hoedspruit

Stefan and Fanie attribute their growth largely to MRL pressure.

Their key crops in the area are citrus and mangos which are largely grown for export. Mangos are seen as a minor crop but with more than 3000 hectares, they see great potential and growth in this market recognising the valuable contribution a product such as Eco-Bb® can have towards mealybug control in future.

Citrus is a much larger crop with a lot more competitor products. There are many opposition companies offering solutions at significantly lower prices. The LAC Hoedspruit team work closely with their growers, building relationships and trust in established quality solutions that offer consistent results. They take pride in their success and are recognised as an integral part of the Hoedspruit community and are highly regarded by their farmers.

One of the realities with orchard crops is that building confidence with products – and especially biological products takes time. Unlike annual crops, it takes a full year to see results and a couple of seasons are needed to establish trust in a product. Biological products, in particular, require regular scouting and monitoring to ensure success – Stefan believes that early and timeous applications are essential and works hard to avoid ‘fire-fighting’ situations in his growers’ orchards.

‘Chemistry is important, but change is needed’ – Stefan van Wyk

Unfortunately, a real challenge in the biological industry is the lack of trust and integrity, as a result of many ‘fly by night’ companies and ‘snake oil’ products. The LAC Hoedspruit team recognise TRUST as a key component of their successful partnership with Madumbi. They feel confident working with the Madumbi products, knowing that the products have been well researched, properly trialled and registered. However, the key and most essential component to ensure success for their growers, is in the support, service, correct usage and application advice they receive.

It is clear that this team gets great service and support from their KAM, Wilma Mac Pherson. Compliments and acknowledgements from both sides, clearly indicate and suggest that this partnership is mutually beneficial (symbiotic!), and we look forward to it growing from strength to strength.

A final note

The Madumbi culture values sustainable professional and personal growth. At the time of our discussions, this father and son team were personally experiencing both joy and challenges. Stefan and his wife, had recently become proud parents of a little girl, whilst Fanie’s wife was in hospital following a leg injury.  

This is just a pertinent reminder to us all that behind each colleague, agent and grower is a family and support structure. On behalf of Madumbi, not only do we recognise Stefan, Fanie and their team but very importantly, also the family and friends that stand behind their success.

Thank you for ‘championing’ our vision with your growers. May the upcoming season be another productive and prosperous year for this dynamic team.