6 reasons why you should include Madex®
in your growing program this season

Madex®: an innovative biological solution for codling moth

Codling Moth is a major pest of apples and pears and occurs in almost all areas where these crops are grown. The larvae cause significant damage to fruit on which they feed. In South Africa Codling Moth can complete several generations during the season which means that Codling Moth populations can quickly build up to problematic levels.

We asked our Madumbi team of experts to each highlight a key factor and benefit of this quality Swiss product, produced by Andermatt Biocontrol, world leaders in virus production.

6 reasons why Madex® should be included in your growing program this season:

  1. User friendly SC formulation

Helgard van Rooyen, Key Account – South

Madex® is easy to use as it is compatible with a wide range of agricultural products in tank mixes, provided the tank pH is managed between 5 – 8. It also has good rain fastness provided the spray solution has enough time to dry off before rain occurs. While virus products (as with many biologicals) will break down under UV light, one can expect a minimum of 7 days efficacy under full UV exposure (i.e. on the outer, unshaded parts of the tree).


2. Manufactured in Switzerland by world renowned virus specialists, Andermatt Biocontrol

Sias Leipoldt, Business Development Lead & KAM Central

Madex® is produced in Switzerland by Andermatt Biocontrol.  Andermatt Biocontrol is committed to the highest quality of its products and their facilities are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Every batch of Madex® produced by Andermatt undergoes a laboratory bioassay process where the virulence and efficacy are tested against a reference batch.  Only product batches that meet the high-quality assurance standard will be marketed and distributed.

  1. Unique mode of action

Wilma Mac Pherson, Key Account Manager – North

Madex® is a very effective product for the management of codling moth larvae. Madex® can be used in a program at low application rates; theoretically it only takes one ingested virus particle to be effective and kill a larvae. Frequent applications at low dose rates throughout the season provide extended, cost effective control. Madex® also has a unique mode of action compared to conventional chemistry; thus making it a perfect resistance management tool, ideal for use in IPM programs.

  1. Highly specific product

Dawid Maree, Key Account Support – North

Madex® is an innovative biological granulovirus solution proven to be highly effective and specific for the control of codling moth larvae.  Madex® will not effect any beneficial organisms and is harmless to bees. This make’s Madex® ideally suited for inclusion in IPM programs.

  1. OMRI listed

Mark Hutton, Key Account Manager – KZN

Madex® is OMRI listed – The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, non-profit organisation that determines whether or not a product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).

The use of OMRI listed products allows for the organic certification of your produce and is critically important to all organic growers.

  1. A safe, biological solution with good shelf life.

Dr Brendon Neumann, Business Innovations Lead

The shelf life of the product is very good. Madex® remains viable for a minimum of 24 months when stored at 4°C. It can remain effective for much longer than this if stored at -18°C and the unique formulation ensures that the product does not freeze solid even at these temperatures.

Reg details: Madex® contains Cydia pomonella Granulovirus (CpGV). Reg. No. L7950, Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, Postnet Suite 20, Private Bag X6011, Hilton, 3245.  Reg. No. 2009/020798/07.