6 reasons why Bolldex®

Bolldex® offers a biological solution for the suppression of African Bollworm larvae.  Using advanced virus technology from world renowned virus specialists, Andermatt Biocontrol, Bolldex® is registered for use in South Africa on all crops and is marketed and distributed by Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture.

African bollworm is a highly destructive pest which feeds on a wide variety of crops and is known to attack over 180 plant species. Outbreaks on grape vines, deciduous fruit and citrus can be very damaging economically and effective pest control solutions are necessary when infestations occur.

We asked our Madumbi team of experts to each highlight a key factor and benefit of this quality Swiss granulovirus product.

6 reasons why Bolldex® should be included in your growing program this season:


1 – Bee friendly and certified organic

Dr Brendon Neumann, Business Innovations Lead

Bollworm® often occurs as part of the flowering complex of insect pests. This means that it is necessary to control during the flowering period where pollinator activity is high. The fact that Bolldex® is 100% safe to use even when bees are foraging is a significant advantage.

Bolldex® is also OMRI listed and suitable for use in certified organic production.


2 – Highly specific target range 

Sias Leipoldt, Business Development Lead & KAM Central

Bolldex® contains no chemical ingredients and will not have any harmful effect on mammals, beneficial insects (including bees) or any non-target organisms and therefore will not result in any pest repercussions after application.

Although it is registered in SA for the control of African Bollworm (Helicovera armigera) it will control various Helicoverpa species including Helicoverpa zea (Cotton bollworm), Helicoverpa virescens (Corn earworm) and Helicoverpa punctigera (Tobacco budworm).


3 – Good compatibility and excellent shelf life 

Helgard van Rooyen, Key Account Support – South

Bolldex® is easy to use and incorporate into an IPM program. It can be tank mixed with a wide range of products including pesticides and fungicides, provided the pH of the tank mix is managed between 5.5 – 8. The registered shelf life of the product when stored at 4o C is 2 years however when stored in a freezer it can last much longer.


4 – Residue free and ideal for resistance management programs

Mark Hutton, Key Account Manager – KZN 

Bolldex® has no residues limits. This allows for effective pest management right up to harvest leaving residue options for other management needs.

Bolldex® is highly effective and a great IPM solution for use in a resistance management approach.


5 – All crop registration 

Dawid Maree, Key Account Support – North

There are not many products that have an all crop registration and especially on African Bollworm (Helicovera armigera). Due to the all crop registration, Bolldex® is an excellent solution to have readily available on farms, for early timeous application when pest pressure is experienced.


6 – Unique virus mode of action 

Wilma Mac Pherson, Key Account Manager – North

Bolldex® is a very effective solution to control bollworm larvae. Bollworm larvae feed on all parts of the plant, from shoots, leaves and fruit and the young larvae even eat their way out of the egg when hatching. There is no sub-lethal dose of Bolldex®. Bollworm larvae succumb to the virus by ingesting only a few virus particles, and with bollworm’s ravenous appetite, it is an easy target. This makes Bolldex® a highly effective population and resistance management tool and ideal for use in IPM programs.



Registration details:

Bolldex® contains Helicoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV). Reg. No. L8895, Act No. 36 of 1947. Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, Postnet Suite 20, Private Bag X6011, Hilton, 3245.  Reg. No. 2009/020798/07.