Increased Demand for Local  Solutions
resulting from COVID-19

Planning ahead: Agriculture amidst Covid-19


As the reality and uncertainty continues with regards to Covid-19, farmers, growers and the agricultural industry at large can only contemplate what lies ahead.


The agricultural industry is benefitting from increased recognition in our fundamental role, to produce nutrient dense food and ensure sustainable local food supply. Farmers and growers are being applauded, highlighted and recognised, with consumers being reminded of the pivotal connection from farm to fork.


The enormity of the task at hand is real. New challenges are being realised and dynamic strategies to keep ahead are now more essential than ever. Madumbi strives to remain agile and resilient, during these challenging times.


‘Affordable agricultural input supply’ is currently under threat. ‘The likely shortage of inputs, especially imported ones, such as fertilisers, animal feed, veterinary supplies and agro-chemicals, may adversely affect agricultural production during the lockdown and beyond1’.


Growers are looking increasingly to locally produced, effective solutions and Madumbi are well positioned to meet and supply this demand.


Special mention needs to be made of the below locally produced solutions:


Eco-Bb®    Biological insecticide for the control of common agricultural pests

Eco-T®        Biological soil inoculant for the management of soil diseases

Eco-77®        Biofungicide for the suppression of Botrytis on various crops

AgriSil K50    Silica supplement to boost crop defences


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Dr Thulasizwe Mkhabela, agricultural economist and Group Executive: Impact & Partnerships at the Agricultural Research Council.