Madumbi Aims To Change
The Way We Grow Food

Madumbi aims to change the way we grow food

This was (and remains) the vision of Madumbi founder and CEO, Andre Fox. Andre is a visionary leader in the agricultural industry, recognised for successfully pioneering and navigating the biological conversation in an environment resistant to change.

Today, there is no doubt that change is upon us. Environmental issues are at the forefront of every conversation as the world awakens to the destruction and damage caused by our forefathers, particularly in the past 80 years.

At Madumbi we are consciously rethinking the term ‘conventional or traditional grower’. How arrogant are we, as a society to think that conventional methods are those using chemical fertilisers and pesticides, when in fact this has only been the norm for the past 80 years. True conventional crop growing has been taking place for many, many centuries. True conventional agriculture was sustainable.

In nature, systems are naturally restored to equilibrium; the balance where all components operate efficiently and at their best. It’s natural for the balance to sway, change is constant in all environments and the strongest survive.

When considering our planet and her evolution over the billions of years, the past century of ‘enhanced agricultural practices with synthetic fertilisers and chemistry’ will be just another peak in the timeline. This era is undoubtedly on it’s way out /decline

Madumbi embraces the change and has always let nature lead innovation. Over the past 20 years we have stayed true to our passion and vision, with the knowledge and awareness that this time would come. We are ready.

Madumbi offers sustainable crop and soil solutions to growers. Solutions that are registered, tried and trusted and scientifically proven to deliver results, but more importantly to have no detrimental effect on our soils and our biodiversity.

We value the essential contribution of chemical solutions to our industry, however their excessive use cannot continue. Incorporating biologicals into your spray program, can enhance efficacy while minimising the negative impact on the environment. Building soils as opposed to depleting them, contributes to greater yields year after year after year.

Madumbi offers solutions for forward-thinking growers. Are you one of them?