Bolldex® & Madex®

Virus based biocontrol products for the effective control
of key lepidoptera pests in Pome Fruit.

Bolldex® and Madex® are virus based biocontrol products produced by world renowned virus specialists, Andermatt
Biocontrol in Switzerland.

Virus based biocontrol products:

  • are extremely host-specific, with zero negative effects on non-target organisms, making them ideal for use in IPM
  • can be applied during flowering as they have no negative effects on bees.
  • are residue-free solutions with no MRL constraints (ie. ideal for use on organic and export crops).
  • have a completely different mode of action to conventional chemistry, making them ideal IPM partners from a
    resistance management perspective.


(Reg. no. L 8895, Act 36 of 1947)


(Reg. no. L 7950, Act 36 of 1947)


  • Bolldex® is registered on all crops at a standard
    application rate of 200ml/ha. On Pome fruit
    applications should be made during flowering or as
    soon as Bollworm eggs are observed.
  • Madex® should be applied at 100ml/ha 10-14 days
    after the 1st moth peak (Usually mid October). A
    further 200ml should be applied per season and this
    can be divided into numerous applications as low as
    1ml/ha every 7-14 days .
  • Madex® and Bolldex® can be mixed with most other
    agricultural inputs provided the pH of the tank
    solution is between 5-8. Copper is the one exception.
    Tank mixes with Copper should be avoided
  • For detailed application instructions please refer to
    the registered label or contact a Madumbi