Maximise winter vegetable
production with Madumbi

Madumbi’s Root Health Program includes 3 products that impact significantly on winter vegetable production

AgriSil K50:
Reg. No. B3756, Act No. 36 of 1947

Agrisil K50 reduces crop stress factors, abiotic and biotic, that impact on plant health, yield and the farmer’s financial returns. Most South African soils are short of Silica and little attention has been paid towards this very important nutrient.

Agrisil K50 contains readily plant available potassium Silicate which forms the building blocks for plant protection and plays an integral part for any plant protection program


Madumbi Humate Granules:
Reg. No. B4946, Act No. 36 of 1947

Humates are a valuable, carbon-based soil conditioner extracted from ancient Leonardite deposits. Plants grown on soils which contain humates are less subject to stress are healthier, produce higher yields and the nutritional quality and value of the plants are superior. 

Humates are a good source of energy for beneficial soil organisms. These beneficial soil organisms will perform functions which influence plant health, soil fertility and structure. Humates are therefore a critical part of the soil and food web for plant production.

V12 Multi:
Reg. No. B4512, Act No. 36 of 1947

V12 Multi consists of a full spectrum of inorganic, amino acid chelated nutritional elements which is used at critical growth phases, during stressful times or as part of the fertiliser program.  It will supply luxury levels of nutrition to protect against yield limiting deficiencies.

The kelp and fulvic acid in V12 Multi provide a natural base and stimulate plant growth.

Application details:

  • AgriSil K50:

Apply 1-2 L/ha every 7-10 days via the irrigation system or as a foliar spray following emergence or transplant.

  • Humate Granules: 

as part of granular planting blend, Apply 5-10 kg / ha or 5% of fertiliser blend as part of liquid fertiliser blend. Make up a 12% Humate liquid and apply at 10 L / ha (Soil) or 1-5 L / ha (Foliar)

  • V12 Multi-Application: As a foliar application

1 – 2 L / week / ha in quick growing vegetables

4-5 L / month / ha in slower growing vegetables.