Cryptex® (Reg No 8037, Act 36 of 1947)

Cryptex® is a highly concentrated formulation of a False Codling Moth (FCM) specific granulovirus, manufactured to the highest standard by world renowned virus specialists Andermatt Biocontrol.

Cryptex® specifically targets FCM and will not harm beneficial insects. Cryptex® is a residue free product with no MRL constraints. It is ideal for use on export and organic crops.

Cryptex® can be tank mixed with most other agricultural inputs provided the pH of the tank mix is between 5-8. This makes Cryptex® easy to include in IPM programs.

Cryptex® offers highly effective FCM population reduction and damage control when applied
as recommended.

Eco-Bb® ( Reg No L 6938, Act 36 of 1947)

Eco-Bb® is a concentrated WP formulation of the beneficial fungus Beauveria bassiana, registered
for control of FCM and woolly whitefly on Citrus.

Eco-Bb® is non-toxic and residue free. It’s unique mode of action makes it ideal for use in IPM programs with other insecticides and it is safe to use right up until harvest.

Eco-Bb® is approved for organic use and is effective against all life stages of target insects.

Eco-Bb® has a unique ‘dry oil’ formulation which provides in-field protection of spores against UV
and desiccation. Eco-Bb® is also registered for control of pests such as Red Spider Mite, White fly and Tuta absoluta on various other crops.

Cryptex® should be applied at 3.3ml/100L water with a minimum of 200ml/ha and a maximum of 330ml/ha. Applications should be made 10-14 days after moth peaks.

Cryptex® can be mixed with most other agricultural inputs provided the pH of the tank solution is between 5-8. Copper is the one exception. Tank mixes with Copper should be avoided.
Eco-Bb® should be applied at 600g-1kg/ha on Citrus depending on tree size and insect pressure.

The active ingredient in Eco-Bb® is a fungus. Do NOT tank mix with broad spectrum fungicides.

For detailed application instructions please refer to the registered label.

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