Eco-T ® is a highly concentrated formulation of Trichoderma asperellum registered for the control of crop root diseases and enhanced growth.

  • Eco-T ® works against a wide range of fungal soil pathogens (e.g. Fusarium, Sclerotinia, Pythium etc.) and is an ideal ‘insurance policy’ against root diseases.
  • Larger, healthier root systems are better able to access water and nutrients from soil, resulting in better growth of plants, especially under sub-optimal conditions (e.g. drought stress, soil nutrient imbalances, etc.).
  • Eco-T ® actively grows and colonizes plant roots. As a result, it is more persistent in the root zone than many chemical options.
  • Eco-T ® is a safe, residue free product with no negative effects on the environment.
  • The use of Eco-T ®on wheat not only benefits the current wheat crop but can also reduce pathogen levels in the soil (e.g Sclerotinia) before the planting of the following seasons rotation crops (e.g. canola, sunflowers etc)


Rhizovital ® 42 is a concentrated liquid formulation of the beneficial bacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain

FZB42, produced by Bacillus specialists ABiTEP (Germany).

  • Once established in the root zone, Rhizovital ® 42 supports optimal root growth as well as nutrient availability and uptake.
  • Rhizovital ® 42 works in synergy with Eco-T ®. Not all Bacillus sp. and Trichoderma sp. are compatible.
  • At 2.5×1010 spores/ml, Rhizovital ® 42 is significantly more concentrated than most competing products in SA.
  • Rhizovital ® 42 is registered as a BioFertilizer for use on all crops



Eco-T is available in two different formulations.

Eco-T Eezi-flo is specially formulated for dry application onto seed in the planter. The formulation includes the ideal mix of talc and graphite which aids in optimizing planter efficiency. Apply at 1g/kg seed (minimum 25g/ha).

In irrigated wheat, the standard Eco-T formulation can be applied through the irrigation at 250-500g/ha. This may be necessary when combating high levels of soil pathogens such as Fusarium.

Rhizovital is applied as a pre-treatment to wheat seed at 0.5ml/kg seed. Provided the seed is dried relatively quickly after treatment and seed is stored appropriately, Rhizovital can be applied a few months before planting.

Rhizovital is compatible with most chemical seed treatments.

For more details on application rates etc refer to the relevant product labels or contact a Madumbi representative.