V12 Finish


Supports the crop during the final stages of reproductive growth fruit
fill and ripening.

V12 Fruit is a unique blend of specific minerals, amino acids, vitamins and natural plant growth stimulants (e.g. kelp and brassinolide) to be used in the reproductive growth phase of crops.

    1. Optimises fruit development.
    2. Improves pollination success.
    3. Reduces flower and fruit drop.
    4. Produces more even, wellsized fruit.
    5. Improves fruit quantity and quality

    Biostimulation of the flowering and fruit phase – pollen formation, fruit set, fruit size & quality.

    Brassinolide in V12 Fruit improves flower formation, pollen production and fruit development.

    High levels of boron in V12 Fruit aid in the production of pollen and reduces deficiencies associated with flower and fruit drop.