V12 Micro


Backed by Science. Loved by Nature

V12 Micro

Backed by Science. Loved by Nature

Amino chelated micronutrients for deficiency management.

V12 Micro contains a broad spectrum of amino chelated micro-elements designed for combating a range of potential nutrient deficiencies.

Application Instructions


  • Foliar application Rate:
    • Row crops (maize, wheat etc.) -1L/ha
    • Veg & small fruit – 2-3L/ha
    • Orchard crops – 3-5L/ha

Apply when nutrient deficiencies are suspected or in a program as an insurance policy against micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Dilution: Min 1:100 Apply in morning or late afternoon.

Precautions: When mixing with other fertilisers always jar test for compatibility. Mix well before dispensing into application tank.

Luxury levels of micronutrients.

Ideal for resolving unidentified deficiencies.

A full range of amino chelated micro nutrients for prevention of or quick correction of unidentified micro nutrient deficiencies.